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Coronado Shores Condominium Association #8

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Upcoming Events

but-mcol.gif (1072 bytes) Our next Board meeting will be on Friday, April 27th at 9:30 AM in the Managerís office
but-mcol.gif (1072 bytes) Special Assessment for the campus Lagoon.  This $1,094,000 project to renovate the Lagoon is planned to start in September and be done by the end of the year.  Our share is $107,967 and ballots for approval have been to you.  Please return your ballots by April 13th.
but-mcol.gif (1072 bytes) 2018 Homeowner Directory:  Please contact Manager if you are interested in being part of the El Encanto Homeowner Directory. Only those who participate will receive a directory.
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Building Projects for March and April:

We just completed the power washing of the exterior of our building.  The difference is amazing, check out the pictures!
Before After

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Our window washers, Suspended Services, are now starting the exterior window washing.  As usual they start on the west-ocean side (08 and 07 stacks) and work towards the east side of the building.  This follows the typical wind pattern thus reducing the chance for water to splash back on the newly cleaned glass.
In April we plan to have the stone flooring in lobbies and entry cleaned and polished. Also the lower and upper level landing doors will be painted.
Finally in April we plan to touch-up paint on Hallway soffits, electrical room doors and other hallway areas.