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September 2015

La Perla Tower 

1780 Avenida del Mundo, Coronado, CA 92118

Phone: (619) 437-4303 or (619) 437-4545

Fax: (619) 437-1225

Email: csca7@pacbell.net


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Association and Homeowner  

Rules and Regulations  


Occupants and Contractors  


Section I   -     Introduction  

Section II  -     Structural Modification  

Section III -    Tradesmen and Contractor Instructions


                                                                                                 Updated September 2015


Section I


La Perla Tower  

1780 Avenida del Mundo, Coronado , CA 92118

Rules and Regulations



WELCOME TO LA PERLA TOWERS .   La Perla is the seventh of ten high rise condominiums built in the Coronado Shores complex.  We are a building of 121 privately owned units, many of which are occupied as the permanent residences of their owners.  An elected Board of Directors governs the affairs of the building.  Their rules and regulations are implemented and enforced by the Building Manager and staff.  Because of the high occupancy of the building, standards of excellence in appearance and atmosphere must be maintained.  

DEFINITION of a CONDOMINIUM:  “Unit” shall mean and refer to the elements of a Condominium which are not owned in common with other owners. The boundaries of a Unit shall be the interior surfaces of the perimeter walls, floors, ceilings, windows and doors of each Unit, where they exist, and otherwise to the vertical or horizontal planes at the limits of the dimensions as shown on the condominium plan, that has been filed, pursuant to Section 1351 of the California Civil Code, in the office of the Country Recorder of San Diego County.  

THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Is comprised of five homeowners who are elected at the annual meeting of the homeowners in December of each year.  The Board sets policy, which is implemented and enforced by the Building Manager and the Staff.  Board meetings are scheduled at the discretion of the Board of Directors.  Homeowners are encouraged to attend.  Notice will be posted in the lobby and elevators at least three days prior to a scheduled Board meeting stating location, time and date.  

LANDSCAPING and RECREATIONAL COMMITTEE:  The common area facilities on the Shores campus are managed by the Landscaping and Recreational Committee.  Homeowners and Residents are encouraged to attend the regular monthly meetings of this committee.  These are held in the Roeder Pavilion and are announced at least ten days before the date of the meeting by notices posted in all Towers.  The agenda for these meetings as well as the minutes of the meetings are posted on the La Perla bulletin board.  

DOORPERSON:   (Telephone 619 437-4303) Doorperson services are provided 24 hours per day.  The emphasis of their service is security and greeting of all residents.  Please respect inquires in assisting you.  Also, in as much as they may provide direction to other Towers, pools, tennis courts, and general information about the area, do not hesitate to ask for assistance in these matters.  

MANAGER:   (Telephone 619 437-4545 – Facsimile 437-1225) The Manager is available during normal business hours (7:30AM-4:00PM) Monday through Friday and can be contacted by the Doorperson during off-duty hours when needed.  On Saturdays during the summer months from June 15th through August 15th the Manager is also available inside of the office.  The emphasis of the Manager’s services is the management of Association employees, Association funds, and building maintenance.  

OTHER REFERENCES:   Homeowners are advised that the La Perla Tower , known as CSCA Building #7 is governed by its Articles of Incorporation, CC&R’s and Bylaws.  Homeowners are encouraged to be in possession of these documents.  In case of any conflict between these Rules and Regulations and those documents, the requirements of the most senior document will prevail.  

ACCESS to the CORONADO SHORES SITE:  Access to the Coronado Shores site is governed by the Rules and Regulations of the Coronado Shores Landscaping and Recreational (L&R) Committee.  The Homeowner, Resident and Tradesman are encouraged to obtain a copy of those Rules and Regulations from the L&R Office which is located down the stairs on the north side of the Las Palmas Tower .  Homeowners and Residents must advise the La Perla Doorperson when they are expecting visitors.  The La Perla Doorperson, in turn, advises L&R Security at the entry kiosk to prepare a visitors vehicle pass;  it is only necessary for the Homeowner or Resident to have the La Perla Doorperson advise L&R Security to admit that vehicle the first time that the individual is requesting permission to visit the unit.  

AUTHORIZED ENTRY to the BUILDING:   Building security benefits all residents.  To be effective, a good security system requires that all visitors be admitted to the building only upon authorization from the resident whom they are visiting.  Residents must insist that visitors stop at the Doorperson’s desk to be announced before admission.  The Manager or Doorperson should be informed immediately as to the presence of any unauthorized person in the building.  It is the owner’s responsibility to inform the Manager and Doorperson who might enter their unit to perform maintenance or facility repair.  



Proximity card readers are installed on all Shores Property entry control arms and L and R Recreational Facility doors or gates.  Coded proximity card keys operate these locks and gate arm controls.  Each person must have in their possession a valid Photo I.D. card-key to enter the Shores property or use any of the recreational facilities on the Coronado Shores Complex.  The photo card key is for a Deeded Owner, A full time Household Member residing with the Deeded Owner, a Permanent Guest who stays overnight in the unit with the Deeded Owner on and off on a regular basis or a Tenant named on a lease who resides in the unit for on e f ull month or longer.  These cards are available at the L and R Office . See the La Perla Manager for the application form to take with you to register for and receive the Photo I.D. card-key.  This card is also coded for access to the La Perla Garage and Lobby Access doors as noted below.  

A paper guest pass permitting accompanied short term access to the L and R Recreational Facilities is availabl e f rom the La Perla doorperson for your short term authorized visitors and is valid for a three day period or less.  The holder of these passes must be accompanied by a card key sponsor to have access to the recreational facilities.    


A valid Shores Property and L and R Recreational Facilities Access  photo I.D. card coded for La Perla also gives the authorized holder access to the La Perla Garage and Lobby doors as noted above.  

There is also a temporary La Perla access card key without photo identification for guests who do not visit or use their unit enough to encourage the visit to L & R to get a regular Photo ID card. For those visitors, a very limited use non-Photo I.D. La Perla card will still be availabl e f rom the La Perla office as follows:  

The issue of the non-Photo I.D. card must be approved in writing ahead of the time of the arrival of the guest by either the La Perla  Manager (E-mail accepted) or, in her absence, by written (E-mail accepted)  approval by one of the Board Members.    The La Perla desk persons will no longer be able to issue such cards without such prior approval.   Telephone numbers and/or E-mail addresses of Board Members who will be available to approve the issue of these cards are availabl e f rom the doorperson.  

These non-Photo I.D. cards are only operable in the common areas when the L & R office is closed. It is important to note that the non-Photo La Perla cards will give La Perla garage and entry door access but will not open the Shores access gate arms.  Arrangements will need to be made by the owner of the unit in which such a cardholder will be resident to notify the entry kiosk of the expected arrival.    That way the entry kiosk can open the gate arm for the visitor.  


Each La Perla unit receives the Time Warner Advantage Cable programs free of additional charge as part of the monthly assessment.    The Time Warner service is provided over new wiring and outlets installed in various locations in theunits.   In addition, each unit owner may contract directly with Time Warner (858) 695-3220 for upgrade services including but not limited to various digital cable channel packages, HDTV and high speed internet service.   In the case of these upgraded services, the unit owner contracts directly with Time Warner and pays the turn on (if any) and monthly costs for the upgrade services directly to that company. For information on the location of the new outlets in your unit, contact the La Perla Building Engineering staff.   Information on the various upgrade services that are offered may be available at the La Perla desk or may be received by visiting the Time Warner web site:  



TRASH:   Trash rooms are located to the immediate left of the ’01 unit on each floor.  All trash should be placed in bags prior to being placed in the trash chute.  Recycle bins and paper collection areas are also located in the trash rooms. Please rinse out all cans and bottles before placing them in the recycle bin provided.  As a courtesy to others, please do not deposit trash between the hours of 10:30PM and 9:00AM .  Large boxes should be broken down and taken directly to the dumpster.  Ask Doorperson for directions.  

PARKING:  All vehicles must have a parking permit or sticker.  Outside parking is limited to 72 hours and is limited to automobiles and light van/pick-up trucks owned by homeowners, guests, and tenants.  Trucks and supplier/contractor vehicles are to be parked in the public parking area south of the building.  The garage is intended to accommodate passenger vehicles and motorcycles only (no boats and/or trailers).  The speed limit is 5 MPH in the garage and on ramps.  Circulation is one way; please follow the arrows.  Park only in the stall assigned to your unit.  All parking stalls are privately owned, and vehicles illegally parked are subject to towing at owners expense.

Parking stalls may not be used for storage of any kind.    

Only one vehicle per parking stall is permitted unless the stall is dedicated as a tandem spot to accommodate two vehicles. Vehicles must be parked in the assigned space parallel with the dividing stall lines.  Horizontal parking within the spot is not permitted.     

Homeowners and residents are not permitted to loan their key cards or “genies” to contractors or to give their contractors permission to use their parking spaces.  

USE OF COMMON AREA FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES- No owner shall use the common area electrical outlets for purposes of charging any type of electric vehicle.  Use of the common area outlets is strictly prohibited to charge any electric vehicle at the Association’s expense. Owners are advised that they may request approval to install a charging station in his exclusive use common area parking space, subject to reasonable restrictions imposed by the Association’s governing document.  Such reasonable restrictions include the requirements that any such charging station meet applicable health and safety standards and requirements imposed by the state and local authorities in addition to all zoning, land or use ordinances/permits/  The owner must also obtain Association approval and must agree to comply with the Associations architectural guidelines, to use a licensed contractor to install the station, provide a certificate of insurance naming the Association as an additional insured under the their insurance policy and must agree to pay for the electrical supplied to the charging station.  Additionally,  the Owner is required to execute a Permissive Use agreement which requires them to maintain he charging station and the Owner will be responsible for the cost to repair any damage to the charging station, common areas, exclusive use common areas, or adjacent separate interest property caused by installation, maintenance, repair, removal, or replacement of the charging station.  The Permissive Use agreement will be record against the Owners separate interest providing constructive notice of the duties and obligations imposed.  Updated 4/2015  

BICYCLES & SCOOTERS:   All bicycles must have a Coronado Shores identification sticker.  In addition, bicycles must be registered annually with a La Perla identification decal if parked or stored in the bicycle rooms or in your storage cage.  All bicycles must be operational, or they will be tagged and removed after one month.  Locks will be removed from bicycles locked to bike racks or locked together inside the bicycle storage rooms.  Bicycles and scooters may not be parked or stored in any garage parking space, on the entranceway to the building or on any landscaped area of Coronado Shores .  The Doorperson can furnish directions to the bicycle parking/storage areas.  When entering or exiting the garages, bicycles must obey the 5 MPH speed limit and must follow the circulation arrows.  Bicycles illegally parked, stored, or operated may be impounded.  Children shall not use the garage or garage ramps as bicycle or scooter riding areas  

BALCONIES:   Balconies/Patios may not be used as laundry areas and nothing may be hung or draped over the railings.  Flower pots and planters must be watered with care so as to prevent the overflow from hitting the areas below. Saucers must be placed beneath all planters in order to protect the integrity of the spalling/flooring.  Please do not throw anything from your balcony, particularly cigarettes.  Please do not feed birds from your balcony-it encourages them to take up permanent residence, resulting in problems to railings etc.  The use of outdoor barbeques on the private terrace and balcony areas is permitted so long as proper safety precautions are used, and the smoke is not offensive to other homeowners or occupants.   Balconies/Patios will not be used for storage of personal items.  Furniture will be limited to patio type furniture i.e. lounge chairs, patio tables with umbrellas and side tables.  Storage of bicycles, trash or other non patio household items are not permitted.  


1.      Other than fish and caged birds, no resident shall keep or maintain more than two domesticated pets in La Perla at any time. Animals not capable of being domesticated may not be kept in any unit. Dogs and cats owned by guest, family members or invitees of a resident shall count toward the limit of two if said animal(s) stay overnight in the unit;  

2.      No animal may be kept on the property for breeding or commercial purposes  

1.             All dogs and cats of residents, including tenants, must be registered with the Association. Registration shall include the completion of the Pet Registration form and submission of a photograph of the pet. The photograph should not exceed 5” x 7” not be less than 3” x 5” and shall clearly show the face of the animal and other distinguishing characteristics;  

2.             All dogs are to be properly licensed. The animal’s license tag must be worn at all times when in the common areas;  

3.             Dogs and cats must be kept on a leash or carried by their owners or other responsible person whenever they are in the common areas. Dogs on a leash must be accompanied by a person capable of controlling the animal.  

4.             Pets must be kept quiet so as not to disturb other residents. Excessive animal noises are not permitted. No animal may be kept or maintained on the property if it becomes or constitutes a nuisance in the sole discretion of the Board of Directors ;  

5.             All animal wastes must be immediately removed from the common areas. Feces must be placed in a plastic bag prior to disposal. Pets may not be brought into any recreational common area;  

6.                    Owners violating any of the above regulations are subject to the following penalties: first offense – a warning letter, second offense - $100.00 and for the third and each subsequent offense $200.00.  

RULES of CONDUCT:  La Perla is a non-smoking building.  The Board of Directors has established La Perla as a non-smoking building.  Smoking is prohibited in all common areas and exclusive use common areas including balconies of La Perla and units restricted common area on the terrace level.  It is not the Associations desire or intention to prohibit smoking in individual condominium unit.  However, due to known health concerns, it is the owners/residents responsibility to take whatever mitigating action is necessary to contain/control the smoke/second hand smoke and odors within the unit  from entering the common and restricted areas of the building and unit.   

1.      Food and beverages may not be consumed in the common areas of the building.   

2.      The front driveway is for passenger loading, unloading and for emergency vehicles.  Do not leave unattended vehicles in the driveway.  

3.      Keys are not issued to anyone under 18 years of age without parental authorization.   

4.      No one shall permit any activity or keep anything in a unit, storage area, or in the common area that might cause a fire or be a hazard of any kind.            



Police                           Emergency       911       Business           522-7350

Fire                                                     911                             522-7374

Ambulance                             “             911

Hospital ( Coronado )                                                               435-6251




ROEDER PAVILLION:   The Roeder Pavilion is available to all Coronado Shores homeowners as an entertainment center.  It is located on the beach between Cabrillo and La Sierra Towers .  It is equipped with a kitchen and wet bar.  For information regarding rules and reservations, please call the Landscaping and Recreational Office at 437-1260.  

BEACH CLUB:    All adult Coronado Shores homeowners are automatically members of the “Beach Club”.  The Club is located on the beach between La Perla and Las Palmas Towers .  It is open for cocktails every evening and has scheduled events throughout the week.  For information regarding hours of operation and schedule of events, please call the Beach Club Manager at 435-1711 or contact the L and R Office at the number given above.  

THE HEALTH CLUB:   Is located beneath the Beach Club entered by steps or handicap elevator.  All Coronado Shores homeowners are automatically members of “The Health Club”.  For information regarding hours of operation and facilities, please call 435-2533.  

TENNIS COURTS:   Coronado Shores has eight (five lighted) tennis courts.  Courts 2,3, 4, 5 (lighted courts)  are open 7:30am- 10:00pm.  Courts 1,6, 7, 8 (non lighted) are open 7:30-dusk.  During peak season (summer months) an attendant holds a drawing for court reservations daily.  

SWIMMING POOLS:   Coronado Shores has four swimming pools.  The pool adjacent to El Camino Tower is the largest, with professional length lap lanes. The pool adjacent to La Perla is restricted to a quiet atmosphere and has one lap lane.  This pool is utilized each morning for adult exercise classes.  The pool adjacent to Cabrillo Tower is new, having been completed the spring of 2003.  The pool is equipped with a separate Jacuzzi and a children’s pool.  The fourth pool is located adjacent to Roeder Pavilion.  It is somewhat small but privately located for rest and relaxation.



Structural Modification





  1. Submit a written request to the Board of Directors describing the details of the proposed plan for change, modification, or remodel.  The request must contain the following information. 

          a.    Project address and square footage – existing and proposed.

          b.   Owners name and permanent address (if other than La Perla)

c.    Contractor’s name, address, state and local license numbers.

          d.    Project description – general listing of items to be completed.


  1. Submit floor plans (minimum sheet format 24” x 30”) as required by the City of Coronado to the Board of Directors that match the details of the written request.  These plans must follow the current California Building Code – Section 105, paragraph 108.3.3. The city will require project drawings drawn to scale with dimensions for:

a.    Existing Floor Plan – indicating specific areas of alteration and/or demolition.

b.       Existing Electrical Plan – depicting existing electrical components and indicating specific items of alteration, relocation, and/or removal.  (Note:  this requirement may be shown on the existing floor plan.)

c.       Existing Ceiling Plan – depicting existing soffits, recessed, track, or surface mounted lighting, light switching, smoke detectors, vents. etc.

d.       Fire Sprinkler Plan – depicting location of existing fire sprinkler heads. (Note: this requirement may be shown on the existing reflected ceiling plan.)

e.       Electrical Plan – depicting new and/or relocated electrical components, telecommunications/computer lines, audio/visual component, etc.  (Note: this requirement may be shown on the renovation floor plan.)

f.        Reflected Ceiling Plan – depicting location of new and/or relocated soffits, light fixtures, switching, vents, etc.

g.       Fire Sprinkler Plan – depicting location of relocated fire sprinkler heads.  (Note: this requirement may be shown of the renovation reflected ceiling plan).

h.       Detailed Sections – depicting items of special/unusual construction, new wall construction, etc.

i.        Fire Department Review – a review/approval stamp from the Fire Marshall is required for all projects prior to building permit issuance.

  1. The homeowner must submit to the association a signed copy of the La Perla Tradesmen Policy.  ($2000.00 deposit may be waived pending the proposed project details.)  $1000.00 IS NON REFUNDABLE
  1. The Board of Directors will review the proposed plans pursuant to the Association’s Bylaws (Article XI, Section 3b) and will notify the homeowner of its decision within 30 days. The City of Coronado will require the Condominium Association approval (stamp on plans or letter of approval) before they will act upon the homeowner request.
  1. Following Board approval, La Perla homeowners must:

a.     Submit copies of written request, matching floor plans in accordance with city requirements and the notice of association approval to the City of Coronado to obtain building permits (where applicable).

b.     Submit copies of building permits issued by the City of Coronado to the Association to be placed on file.

  1. La Perla homeowners should be aware that upon completion of any unit changes or modifications, the City of Coronado must provide final approval.  Failure to attain final inspection approval by the city will cause all permits to become invalid and may create potential liability to the homeowner.   



  1. La Perla Board of Directors retains the right to review and approve or disapprove individual requests to alter the and/or balconies of the building.
  1. Full-height, fixed panel windows will not be permitted under any circumstance, unless they are located behind a pre-existing balcony railing.

Prior to September 2000, condominium owners received approval from La Perla Board of Directors and the city of Coronado to lower the horizontal bar height of windows from 35 inches to 26 inches.   Upon installation, the windows were equipped with devices that restrict the window openings to no more than four inches (4”) per panel.  Owners of these condominiums have been given written instructions by the Board of Directors that these devices MUST REMAIN IN PLACE to insure that no personal injury might occur.  Any injury resulting from these restricting devices having been removed will be the sole responsibility of the homeowner.   

  1. As of September 29, 2000 the La Perla Board of Directors issued the following

Building Instructions concerning the horizontal bar height of windows:  

a.                Maintain the existing 35 inch horizontal window bar height requirement as established for glass manufacturers.   

b.               Require that owners replace window with full tempered glass that attains a heavy commercial rating of HC-40 as established by the American National Standards Institute.  This will satisfy the maximum wind load requirement for the penthouse level, where the standards are the highest.


                              EXTENDING ROOMS INTO BALCONY SPACE  

10.   As of February 2003 forty three percent (43%) of La Perla condominiums have extended their interior walls into the area formerly occupied by balconies.  In original property documentation, ownership and maintenance of balconies was that of the association.  Homeowners who have expanded their rooms into balcony space secured authorization from the Board of Directors and the City of Coronado building engineers.  When authorization was granted, it was assumed that homeowners would thereafter be responsible for future repairs (including chipping, cracking or spall of the concrete) that might become necessary in the area that had been enclosed.

To prevent misunderstanding of this responsibility, the Board of Directors secured legal counsel to prepare an agreement between homeowner and the Association that clarifies the understanding and indemnifies the Association from the cost of interior maintenance.  The condominium owner shall be responsible for costs associated with installing, maintaining and/or repairing the expansion including, but not limited to any and all chipping, cracking or spalling of Unit’s concrete surfaces within the expanded area.  

Homeowners who have already expanded their condominiums into former balcony space have executed a document expressing the understanding of paragraph 12.  Those homeowners wishing to expand into balcony space should secure a copy of this agreement from the building Manager before starting their expansion planning.  This document must be executed before expansion authority will be requested of the Board and City of Coronado .  

11.  All approved unit modifications must be completed no later than June 1st of each year.  Construction work may commence after Labor Day contingent on the buildings maintenance schedule. Effective December 1, 2013, the Board voted to place a limit on the maximum number of units allowable to be under construction to 5 units at any given time. This includes any work within a unit that is not considered an emergency repair. 




Tradesman & Contractor







  1. Prior to performing work at La Perla, contractors and tradesmen must meet the following requirements:

a.      Any proposed structural modification or alteration within a unit will require plans to be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.  Plan submittals must meet City of Coronado building code requirements before approval can be provided.  A start and completion date must accompany this plan.  

b.     Where applicable, a building permit from the City of Coronado must be placed on file with the Association.  

c.      Required licenses, permits and insurance to work in the building must be provided for Association files.           

d.     A deposit of US $2000 fee (of which $1000 is refundable) is required before work can begin.  A fee of $1000 will be charged for cleaning, damage, recarpeting, painting, tiling, wall papering, etc.  This is a non-refundable deposit and should be included in the pricing of work to be performed.  If damage is greater than the $2000 deposit, the Contractor must pay for such expense.  The contractor remains responsible to clean hallways each day.  

e.    Agree to observe parking requirements for La Perla Tower .  These requirements permit the use of two (2) parking stalls (indicated by signs in front of the building) to unload and load equipment and materials, but not more than one hour per use.  Vehicles thereafter must be parked in the public beach parking area immediately south of the building.  Out of consideration for occupants of adjacent condominiums, working hours shall be from 8AM to 6PM Monday through Friday.  Tradesmen will not initiate loud construction noise prior to 9AM and discontinue such noise by 5PM .  Tradesmen will not work in La Perla Tower on Saturday, Sunday, or any holiday (except for emergencies) without prior approval of the Building Manager.  Please see the doorperson for instructions.


  1. Rules for window replacement:

a.       Permits for work to be performed must be placed on file with the City and the Association.  The Board must approve the work before it is to begin.  

b.       Low cross-bar windows may not be installed.  Floor to ceiling window walls are not permitted.  

c.       Owners must replace windows with full tempered glass and attain a heavy commercial rating of HC-40 as established by the American National Standards Institute.  This will satisfy the maximum wind load requirement for the Penthouse level where the safety standards are the highest.  

  1. Requirements for hard flooring include:

a.        Permits for work to be performed must be placed on file with the City and the Association.  The Board must approve the work before it is to begin.  

b.        Soundproofing as defined by the City of Coronado Building Code .  

c.     It is recommended that homeowners planning to install hard flooring use area carpeting and cap the legs of furniture in consideration of homeowners living below.

  1. To alleviate daily padding of the elevator, large bulky construction materials, supplies and equipment are to be loaded onto the construction elevator with prior scheduling from the front desk.

         Large bulky items, construction material, supplies and equipment are to be loaded onto the padded elevator. Contractor traffic is 
         limited to the padded elevator; use of the non-padded  elevator is prohibited.  Deliveries must be checked in at the front desk.

  1. Tools and equipment must enter and exit the building using lower lobby area only.  Due to security concerns, common area doors and gates will be closed following tradesmen entry or exit.  Please see the Doorperson for instructions.  Two days notification must be given La Perla Engineering Staff when moving  large items or when the need to isolate the elevator for large deliveries.  Items not fitting in the elevator will require special arrangements. There will be a charge for this special service.
  1. Vehicles may not loaded/off loaded in the garages.  The Doorperson will operate gates from their workstation to allow entry from the exterior. 
  1. Before starting work inside condominiums, cover smoke detectors to prevent dust, dirt or steam from activating them.  Do not for any reason disconnect these detectors without first consulting the Building Engineer.  For protection of residents, all damaged smoke detectors must be replaced with new smoke detectors at homeowner expense, upon completion of construction.  See the Building Engineer for replacement.         
  1. All plumbing repairs must have flexible lines (both hot and cold) running from the angle stop valves to the fixtures. No plastic/braided lines can be used.  The Building Engineer must have forty eight (48) hours notice for all water shut downs.
  1. No modification will be made to the existing cable TV system without supervision of the Coronado Shores Cable Services Technician.  This includes altering cable boxes, cable runs and cable taps (whether in unit or otherwise) until the cable technician is notified. 
  1. Do not use the building trash chute or dumpster.  Tradesmen are responsible for the removal of all trash and debris. (offsite of the building)   Paint (water or oil base) or chemicals must not be poured into any house drain.
  1. La Perla does not provide tools/supplies/equipment/carts or vacuum cleaners.
  1. Seek the doorperson to determine the specified area for carpet cutting or general work in the lower garage.  Ensure your work area is properly cleaned prior to leaving the building each day.
  1. Clean common areas immediately to avoid tracking debris throughout the building.   Ensure your work clothes and shoes are free of debris before walking throughout the building common area.  Homeowners will be notified of any violation of this rule.
  1. Please do not ask the Doorperson for permission to use Association telephones.
  1. Owners must provide bathroom facilities for tradesmen and contractors working inside of their units.


November 1, 2010  



 To:     Coronado Shores Association No. 7
Building Manager
1780 Avenida del Mundo
Coronado , CA 92118



            As owner of condominium unit _________ in La Perla Tower , I have read the La Perla Tower Association and Homeowner Rules and Regulations for Occupants and Contractors.  These documents identify the responsibility of homeowners to insure that contractor(s) that have been employed to perform work within my unit understand and will follow these guidelines.





_____________________________________________               ____________________________

Signature                                                                                 Date