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Rules & Regulations
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Board of Directors

The Affairs of this Association shall be managed  and its duties and obligations performed by a Board of five Directors, each of whom shall be members of the Association.  The Board is elected each year in November by the membership of the Association from a slate of members who volunteer their time and talent to govern the Association in accordance with Governing Documents.  The current Board of Directors is listed below.

          George Kachigian - President                                                           John Robinson - Vice President



                                                                Randy Peterson - Treasurer


                                     Phyllis Maas - Secretary                                                     Scott Nicoll - Director

Board Meetings are held in accordance with the Association Master Calendar.   A notice/agenda will be posted in the elevators, mailroom and via e-mail the week prior to each meeting. All homeowners are invited and encouraged to attend. Check the Calendar for the next Board meeting.  If you would like to consider serving as a Las Flores Tower Board Member, contact any Board member for details.  Hope to see you at our next meeting..