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Las Flores Committees

No committee is entitled to exercise any powers of the Board of Directors as each committee serves only in an advisory capacity to the Board

Committees, which are concerned with the entire Shores Condominium Complex:

Beach Club: -- Phyllis Maas, our Representative, Paul Payne, Alternate
Operates under the authority of the L & R Committee and formulates policy and programs for the Beach Club and Beach Club Pool to ensure they operate our facility in a pleasant, non-exclusive manner for the benefit of all residents of Coronado Shores.

Enforcement:– John Robinson, our Representative, Scott Nicoll, Alternate
Oversees the maintenance and repair of the seawall, the roads and sidewalks inside the Shores complex, and has the ability to assess each building for their costs and expenses.

Insurance: – John Robinson, our Representative, , Alternate
Provides and reviews insurance coverage required under the "master" CC & R’s, i.e., property, public liability, workmen’s compensation, crime, etc.

Landscape & Recreation: (L&R) – George Kachigian, our Representative, Phyllis Maas, Alternate
Causes all necessary work to be done and performed to maintain, manage, operate, repair and replace landscaping and recreational facilities within the Shores complex.

Facilities sub-Committee: - George Kachigian, our Representative, John Robinson, Alternate
Provides input to the L&R Committee with respect to Facility repairs and Maintenance Issues.

Landscape sub-Committee: Cheryl Nicoll,  Our representative

Community Alliance:  Swanie Schmidt, Our Representative

Committees which are peculiar only to Coronado Shores Condo Association # 4:

Social Committee: Ann Kachigian and Phyllis Maas, Co- Chairs
  Oversees the Holiday Party and considers other social activities.  Dennis Brokaw Manager– ex officio.

Emergency Response:   This Committee is Currently Inactive
Committee of one to three members charged with the development and review of all emergency response activities at Las Flores including, but not limited to, Emergency Plans for Fire and Earthquake Evacuation and the Fire Protection/Evacuation Plan. Member:

Finance and Budget: Randy Peterson, Chair
Committee of three to five members performs the dual role of internal auditors and financial strategists. The Committee scrutinizes our financial statements to uncover and resolve problem areas, ensures efficient use of funds, and plans capital projects to assure funding is available. It oversees our reserves, advises the Board on investment of reserve funds, and participates in the selection of an auditor, reviews operating checks and balances. The Committee also develops each year’s annual budget, including a review of employee compensation and benefit packages, and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for adoption and implementation. Members:  The Board, plus Dennis Brokaw – ex officio.

Governing Documents and Rules: John Robinson, Chair
Committee of three to five members will review and recommend needed changes to our CC&R’s and Bylaws and other Rules and Regulations. Particular focus will be given to the language impacting remodeling, terms and term limits for members of the board of directors, and compliance with all laws. Members:  Phyllis Maas, plus Dennis Brokaw  as – ex officio.

House John Robinson, Chair
Committee of three to five members charged with ensuring our building and its common elements are properly maintained and in good appearance. Recommends improvements or enhancements, and works to assure the safe and sound use of the property for all residents. Conducts regular building walkthroughs and recommends any remedial action required. Develops a water leak/mold prevention and management plan. Directs, monitors and coordinates sub-committees listed below. Members: 

Also, there will be a Nominating Committee appointed in September 2017 for the purpose of identifying owners interested in running for election to the Board of Directors.

If there is a committee that you are interested in serving on just contact the chair of that committee or the Association Manager and he will put you in contact with the right person