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Manager's Notes
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A $200 flat fee per project will be assessed and paid by home improvement contractors who perform permit type renovations beginning Tuesday September 02, 2014.  Permit type renovations are defined as “a project approved by an association that has the potential to require clean up in the common area”.

 The $200 flat fee will pay for extra clean up and repair costs necessary to keep the common area roadways free of debris and damage.

 This fee will be collected by L&R Admin Staff on behalf of the Enforcement Committee, which is responsible for maintaining the roadways.

 ·       The contractor will be referred to the L&R Office by the association.

·       The L&R Admin Staff will collect the $200 fee which will be deposited into the Enforcement Committee’s account.

·       The L&R Admin Staff will issue one permit as verification of payment, to be displayed on the one vehicle allowed to park within the community for the duration of the project per L&R’s Rules & Regulations.

·       A vendor will be hired to perform any clean up or repairs and the Enforcement Committee will pay the invoice.

The Enforcement Committee is tasked with maintaining the condition of the common area roadways.  The Enforcement Committee has the authority to assess.  The contractor is being assessed.  The fee is being assessed by the Enforcement Committee, not the Association, and is being collected by the L&R Admin Staff as the administrative staff for the Enforcement Committee.

 The Enforcement Committee does not have Rules & Regulations, so no rule change is required to implement this new policy / procedure.  The L&R Committee’s common area parking rules will not need to be changed.

Photos from the 2015 Holiday Party