Our Staff


Dennis L. Brokaw, Sr. AMS Manager
Serving since July 1997

     The Manager is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 AM and 3:45 PM. He will be pleased to assist you in any way that he can. The Manager's phone number is: 619-437-1267. The Association E-Mail address is csca4a@aol.com


Senior Doorperson/Administrative Assistant:
Elena Martinez (day shift)
Serving since 2015

Doorperson Staff :



                 Felipe Hernandez (day/swing shift)                                               Alejandro 'Alex' Fischer  (swing/grave shift )
                                 Serving since 2017                                                                      Serving since 2018


                   Stephen Laroya (grave shift)                                                     John Delgadillo (grave shift)    
                         Serving since 2017                                                                  Serving since 2018

     A Doorperson is provided in the main lobby 24 hours a day to provide Security for Las Flores residents and guests. You will find our Door Personnel helpful in many other ways with information about Coronado Shores and the surrounding areas. ALL ENTRY to units by tradesmen, relatives or guests must be registered with the Doorperson or entry will not be permitted. The Front Desk Telephone Numbers are: 619- 437-1269 or 619-437-1267.

     The Doorpersons are provided around the clock. The emphasis of their services is the security of all residents. Please respect their inquiries in assisting you. Of course, they can also also assist you with guest passes, carts, parking permits (outside), directions and general information concerning the Shores and Coronado.


                    Keith Kappen                                                                                 Daniel Lopez
                Building Engineer                                                                              Asst. Engineer
               csca4eng@aol.com                                                                          Serving since 2006    
                Serving since Feb. 1997                                                           

ENGINEERS: The engineers are in the employ of the Homeowners Association. Their primary responsibilities are to service the common areas of the building and to maintain and repair all building machinery and operating equipment. Their hours are 7:30 AM to 4:00, PM Monday through Friday, and they are on call after hours for building emergencies only. Limited work in individual units may be done when time is available. Time is set-aside for this purpose on Fridays on a first-come, first-served basis. Building emergencies take precedent over all in-unit work. Please do not stop the engineers in hallways to ask for work. Work must be scheduled through the Front Desk. The owner or the authorized rental agent must approve all work requests from renters. We thank you for your cooperation.


                    Rizaldy 'Zaldy' Miranda                                                                            Jose 'Sal' Rangel
                      Senior Custodian                                                                                        Custodian
                      Serving since 2002                                                                              Serving since 2009

CUSTODIAL: The custodians are in the employ of the Homeowners Association and do not perform work inside units. Their responsibility is for the maintenance of the common living areas of the building. They do not serve as bellhops or as errand runners as Las Flores does not provide those services.