Building Staff


                              GENERAL MANAGER

Bill Lawrence,  CCAM - Emeritus

(619) 435-4173

Bills e-mail address is

The General Manager is available during normal business hours, and can be reached by the Front Door Staff during off-duty hours when needed.  The General Manager works under the direction of the Board of Directors.  The GMs primary jobs are managing the Association’s business, the staff and the maintenance of the building.

                               FRONT DOOR STAFF



Robert Brehm – Staff Lead

Richard Millican

Mario DeLeon

Samantha Estrada

Paull Murillo

The Front Desk is staffed 24 hours/day.  Their major duties include: Access Control, Package Handling, Customer Service, Service Requests, Inquiries and Communications.  They may also be able to assist you with technology issues concerning your unit.  They can be reached by e-mail or telephone; and of course in-person.  If they are away from the desk when you call, or on break, your call will recorded, with your call being returned shortly. 


                              BUILDING MAINTENANCE

Building maintenance is contracted through Pro-Tec Building Services

Contacted Building Engineer:  Dean Rodriguez


 The Building Engineer has many responsibilities in a high-rise.  Those include:  the fire fighting engine, pumps and control systems; the heating, ventilation and air conditioning commons systems; the emergency generator and electric circuits; lighting; pumps and motors; water heating systems; window washing systems, elevators, access systems; common area appearance; and contractor supervision.  That makes for a busy day.  If you need assistance in your home with a plumbing problem, for example, the engineer can spend a brief time to clear a drain or assess what your contractor may need to do.  The engineer may also be able to assist with technology questions with equipment in your home.  If assistance is needed please e-mail or call the Front Desk.  The engineer is here Monday through Friday during normal business hours and is either  on-call at other times; or Pro-Tec may dispatch another on-call engineer. 



Maria Reyes

Jorge Castaneda

The Utility Workers clean and maintain common areas to include:  building accessible exterior areas; hallways, elevators, lobby areas, storage rooms, trash operations, and the garage surfaces.  They always have a full-day work load.  Please do not ask them to do work for you inside your home.  Of course, they will be available for any emergency inside your home.  They are currently scheduled be work every day from 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM, except Sundays.  If you need their assistance, please e-mail or call the Front Desk.